The Doctor’s Been There – A Personal Weight Loss Story

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Dr. Ramani Durvasula shares that she was overweight just like the clients and they too can reach their goals.


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The Syndemic of the Hot Mess – Reality Television as Disease

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She’s a hot mess. It’s an easy “catch-all” term for the substance using, extension wearing, stalker friends among us. Hot messes never have just ONE thing wrong with them – it’s lots of things. These people need a mega-intervention – stylist, hairdresser, psychologist, trainer, nutritionist, physician, and lawyer. And we scientists actually kind of have […]


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Drink, Pray, Indifference – A Love Story for One

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Let me start with a disclaimer. I am sure that Elizabeth Gilbert is a lovely woman. She writes well, she is absolutely charming and beautiful, and I am happy that everything worked out for her. However, I actually skimmed the book and got too aggravated to finish it. In addition, her engaging treatise on marriage […]


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