The Illusion of Equality

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Equality is by my estimation a basic human right. The lack thereof has inspired wars, protests, revolutions and social change. This country was founded on such principles, but saying we believe in equality often does not translate into practice. This has been an equality inducing week in the United States – marriage equality, age-old symbols […]


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Feminist Leanings………

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Marissa Meyer, Sheryl Sandberg – we don’t play in the same sandbox by any stretch – but their wealth and visibility give them a chance to make noise about an issue that the rest of us continue to struggle with daily. Women getting ahead. Women having it all. Women leading. So why don’t we “lean […]


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Cleanse that dirty mind……

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Lots of people like to talk about their “cleanses” – and I typically smile warmly and reflect internally on the sheer nonsense, quackery, and snake oil-y feel of this technique. Yes, there is lots of icky junk that gets into our intestines and hangs out – so a cleanse is an illusory weight loss – […]


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Half of Life is Showing Up: Flakiness and Relationships in Los Angeles

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As a parent, I recognize that these conversations are on my radar – but more and more I hear people pulling at their hair and saying “kids these days are so entitled”, “what happened to manners?”, “kids can’t pay attention to anything” etc. etc. We reap what we sow. I live in Los Angeles, California. […]


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LAX-LXA: A Personal Journey to the Top of the World

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(Disclaimer –this is a long one) I am jet lagged – and am trying to slowly assimilate. Fearful that I will develop the psychological “bends” if I ascend back into my life here in LA too quickly and slowly slogging through emails, phone calls, laundry –the stuff of life. I just got back from Tibet […]


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Drink, Pray, Indifference – A Love Story for One

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Let me start with a disclaimer. I am sure that Elizabeth Gilbert is a lovely woman. She writes well, she is absolutely charming and beautiful, and I am happy that everything worked out for her. However, I actually skimmed the book and got too aggravated to finish it. In addition, her engaging treatise on marriage […]


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