Falling in Love: Travel or Love?

I fell in love today.

Such a good feeling. I forgot how good it feels. I am giddy, distracted, can’t eat, can’t sleep, glowing, keep smiling, dance spontaneously and am acting loopy.

It feels so good.

Who’s the lucky guy? Nope.

Woman? Nope.

It’s a trip. I am planning a trip. Several stars lined up – an old friend asked if I was free, ex is taking the girls away for a week, a last hurrah before some major professional shifts. She just gave me a continent (Asia) and said – well???

Even as I write this my stomach is doing jumping jacks – I am so excited I can’t breathe.

I am in love with this trip. I am in love with me going on this trip. It will be uncomfortable – I am going to the Himalayas (blowing every frequent flier mile I have)– and I am so happy I could weep, laugh and soar. From there I will go on to Mt. Everest (or Chomolungma to the Tibetans) – just to look at her – the enactment of a 40 plus year dream.

So for every single person looking for love in someone else and feeling discouraged. Stop. Because it is everywhere – in the planning of a trip, writing of a blog, taking a class, making music, laughing with a friend. People give into love because they love the feeling – and we assume that feeling can only be found with a romantically designated target. People sell themselves down the river for that feeling, and given how I am feeling today – I get it – I think I would walk through fire and make innumerable sacrifices to make this one trip come together. Just like someone might do to secure the affections of another.

And like falling in love with someone else – I am having moments of frustration. Flights that won’t come together, overnight layovers, expensive visas, tricky scheduling. At times I feel thwarted. And then my love for the trip conquers all and I push through. Just like two people in love might do together.

I think all dopaminergic emotional states that are not caused by neurotoxic agents are good – they feel marvelous and exponentially expand our vocabulary for possibility. The trick is to realize that falling in love is not restricted to the world of romance and intimacy – but it can be found in anything that ignites our passion.

And hell – perhaps I will meet a handsome stranger on this odyssey. Two for the price of one. I always love a bargain.


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