What happens after the wedding?

Celebrity and royal weddings have been all the rage for the past week. Prince William and Kate Middleton. Jessica Simpson and her new guy, Nick Lachey and his gal. And I think I heard that Heidi and Spencer are renewing their vows (aren’t you supposed to do that way down the line – like after 30 years of marriage)? PR stunts? True love? Maintenance of monarchy? It doesn’t matter – I wish them all luck. They are going to need it.

This trend of amped up celeb weddings is distressing – because normal folks want in on the party. I’ve written before about how marriage is more about wedding and less about commitment. Champagne and shrimp and new dishes are FUN! Compromise and sacrifice – not so fun – who the hell wants to think about that?

That’s just it – people don’t want to think about those things. We see the glamour, excitement, and attention garnered by these big weddings, and everyone wants in. I am confident that we will see a BIG uptick in engagements and over the top weddings in the next 12 months in parallel to the royal show being pulled together in England.

The problem is that marriage is a legal contract, and any long term or legal venture – job, mortgage, marriage – requires sacrifice, compromise, commitment, and maturity. Most mere mortals also don’t have tons of disposable income –so the end of a marriage for regular folks can mean financial peril, displaced children, and dashed dreams.

I’ve said it before – I will say it again. Throw the reception without the ceremony. If you need to put on a show – celebrate your love publicly, have a cake, wear a dress, put up a tent – but think LONG AND HARD about committing legally to another person. If that makes me a love Scrooge – I can live with that.


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