The N-Word and the Presidential Primaries

It’s the “N-word” that is going to define this presidential election like no other.

After watching the presidential debate, the ongoing post-debate Trump-ian shenanigans, and Hillary Clinton’s selfies with Kanye and Kim, – it is eminently clear that we are in for a hell of a ride. The N word, NARCISSISM, is going to run the show –and personally I can’t wait. Our self-absorbed culture is about to get a leader that will embody our societal ideals of selfies, self-promotion, lack of insight, meanness, consumerism, and power, with absolutely no interest in public service, social justice, international relations, or ethical leadership.

The debate wasn’t a debate, it was grandstanding, like listening to a bunch of has-been football heroes in a hometown bar. And Donald Trump is the sovereign leader of blowhard bluster, you can’t beat him at his own game. His utter lack of insight means that he is unfiltered all the time. Donald Trump’s charming refusal to apologize for his prehistoric discourse about women actually makes me GLEEFUL. There is nothing more pleasurable than watching a bunch of pundits and bloggers and columnists and anchors who cannot get their heads around NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. It is a diagnosis for a reason. It tends to behave the same way most of the time. And refusal to take responsibility is one of the hallmark characteristics of narcissism. There are narcissist mutts out there, but Trump is an AKC certified pure-bred narcissist. It’s perversely refreshing to watch him stand his ground.

Grandiosity, idiocy, and sensationalism have long been the terrain of the modern celebrity, and apparently now celebrities and politicians are training at the same finishing school. When there is little distinction between the antics of a Real Housewife and the future leader of the United States, we should be afraid. The lunatics are now running the asylum.

Once upon a time schools and bridges were named for politicians and presidents. I would take the long way around before I drove over the Donald Trump Memorial Bridge (it would probably sense I was a minority woman and crumble half way across the river).

I am mesmerized by Donald Trump’s honesty – he is a narcissist with no filter, and what you see is what you get. He is a politician who does not lie – kind of invigorating, and he is crazy like a fox. If he thinks something, he says it, frontal lobes be damned. Dear Donald – please stick in the race – I am grateful for the free publicity and for the entertainment. I can do without the insults about women’s bodily functions, but you are the patron saint for pathological narcissists, please don’t leave, this is far too fun.

Perhaps Lance Armstrong is available to be your running mate.


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