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Half of Life is Showing Up: Flakiness and Relationships in Los Angeles

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As a parent, I recognize that these conversations are on my radar – but more and more I hear people pulling at their hair and saying “kids these days are so entitled”, “what happened to manners?”, “kids can’t pay attention to anything” etc. etc. We reap what we sow. I live in Los Angeles, California. […]


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Broken Hearts and Relationships: When the Psychologist Needs a Cardiologist

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Broken hearts are like labor pains.  We forget how badly they hurt because if we remembered we would never have a second child, and we would never take another chance. My heart was broken today.   I am smart, circumspect, use data to inform my decisions, and yet here I was again. How did I fall […]


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The Doctor’s Been There – A Personal Weight Loss Story

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Dr. Ramani Durvasula shares that she was overweight just like the clients and they too can reach their goals.


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