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LAX-LXA: A Personal Journey to the Top of the World

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(Disclaimer –this is a long one) I am jet lagged – and am trying to slowly assimilate. Fearful that I will develop the psychological “bends” if I ascend back into my life here in LA too quickly and slowly slogging through emails, phone calls, laundry –the stuff of life. I just got back from Tibet […]


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Drink, Pray, Indifference – A Love Story for One

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Let me start with a disclaimer. I am sure that Elizabeth Gilbert is a lovely woman. She writes well, she is absolutely charming and beautiful, and I am happy that everything worked out for her. However, I actually skimmed the book and got too aggravated to finish it. In addition, her engaging treatise on marriage […]


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Emergency Chutes: Dealing with Narcissists

Steven Slater. The JetBlue flight attendant who grabbed a beer and jumped down an emergency chute after an altercation with a difficult passenger. Steven Slater may have just been trying to do his job. But that day, like most days he had to deal with someone who was suffering from the great American epidemic of […]


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He who Hesitates is Found: Finding Mental Health in Space

The best part of a vacation? The weeks leading up to it. Of going to an event? Getting ready for it. Anticipation is magic. It is the hours leading up to something that are full of possibility, that which has not been yet realized. We rush through life and often miss the pauses and the […]


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Emotional Day Traders: Mental Health or Wealth?

Being a narcissist is very efficient. It’s like driving in a really streamlined and fast sports car with the windows closed. You whiz through the world at lightning speed – faster than anyone else – leaving them in your dust. And by keeping the windows closed you minimize drag and don’t have to feel the […]


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